I am Professor of Philosophy and Director of the program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I regularly teach courses in social and political philosophy, business ethics, philosophy of economics, and the philosophy of race, class, and gender.

Born and raised in Minnesota, I live in Mankato with my brilliant wife Kirsti Cole, who is Professor of English at MSU and the author of numberous articles and books. We have two kids: the thoughtful and precocious Oliver (who, at 11 years old, already reads more than I do) and his adorable baby brother Beckett (who, at only 1 year old, does not). 

In the increasingly rare times when I am neither parenting nor working, my favorite activities include cooking, watching old movies (from Dinner at Eight to What's Up Doc?), listening to mid-century jazz, and root, root, rooting for the hometown Minnesota Twins. My happy place is sitting in a cafe and writing, reading, or chatting with Kirsti (with cooking for my family a close second).

For more on my monograph Just Work for All: The American Dream in the 21st Century, my other research projects, or the Pandemic Ethics podcast, press the relevant button below.

Just Work for All

A central focus of my scholarship is the ways in which winner-takes-all trends in American political economy undermine the welfare, status, and security of (most) workers. Click for more information, including my monograph from Routledge.

Pandemic Ethics

Press the button below for more information on the Pandemic Ethics podcast, a series of discussions with world-recognized experts on the ethical issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic.


More information on my work in moral and political philosophy, ethics and public policy, political economy, and the philosophy of economics.